Chapter 1: Blockchaindata

The first thing you need to learn is to summon a portal to the Blockchain (deploy your own app to the Google App Engine Platform). Each of the spells and enchantments in this book require a similar ritual that needs to be performed once.

Apprentices are welcome to use my portal while they are learning these spells, however I would recommend to conjure up your own portal as soon as possible. This will allow you to customize the connections your portal makes to the Blockchain and have full control of the information that flows through it. Note that whoever controls the portal, has the capability to alter the information it provides, so having your own private portal is a must for any serious wizard.

Once you have access to a portal you can invoke requests from it. The following requests will allow you to extract information from the blockchain and mold it into a format that can be used in combination with other spells in this book.

At the moment of this writing portals created with this spell support connections to the following providers:, and blockexplorers running on Insight.

Get data